Children that come
Here will Learn, play
and Make New Friends
Children's Safety and
Parent Piece of Mind
Are Our Top Priority
We Allow Children To
Express Themselves
and Have Lots of Fun

Welcome to Your Nursery

The Old School House Day Nursery opened in September 2000 and offers childcare and education for children from birth to five years. We are open 51 weeks a year only closing for Christmas and Bank Holidays.

With only 39 places we are a small family run day nursery in East Riding of Yorkshire with a real emphasis for creating childhood memories to treasure for the children who attend our setting. Our private nursery prides itself on our excellent reputation for offering Outstanding childcare which is testament to our owner and leader Sally Minns. Sally has a wealth of childcare experience and qualifications to allow you to have peace of mind that her and her long standing team of Educators consistently strive to make every families nursery experience unique and special.

Our nursery genuinely listens to each child's and families needs and adapts the child's nursery experience accordingly.

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Our Aim

Children attending our Ofsted registered nursery will learn through play and exploration, they will develop key skills; independence, self-confidence, a sense of challenge and achievement and with our older groups the importance of teamwork. It is our prime aim that all children are enabled to make their best progress in a loving environment, in the presence of their friends and the positive role models around them. So whether you are out at work or simply want your child to have the social experience of nursery we would be delighted to welcome you and your family to The Old School House Nursery.

A Nursery Day

Age Group Information

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Caterpillar Group

Age Range 0-1 years

The Caterpillars Group 0 – 1 years is where all our youngest babies have lots of fun and cuddles. It may be the first place your child experiences nursery life and we want this to be special for the family.

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Butterfly Group

Age Range 1-2 years

Our Butterfly Group 1 – 2yrs 4 months years allows our “woddlers” to have lots of opportunities to explore, play, and enjoy lots of different experiences through play and exploration.

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Bumble Bee

Age Range 2-3 Years

The Bumble Bees 2yrs 4 mths to 3 years are starting to become aware of others around them and developing their social skills which means offering lots of physical and social interaction.

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Lady Bird Group

Age Range 3-5 Years

Our Ladybird Group 3 to 5 years is always buzzing with energy as the children begin their first steps to mainstream education. There are opportunities to learn at every turn.